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First Big snow in Sheffield


Big snow has appeared in Sheffield, UK, well almost big snow, what we call big snow.

Rainbow Thingy

Ok I thought id try it, and surprisingly its
turned out pretty much how id describe myself.

Your rainbow is strongly shaded blue.


What is says about you: You are a tranquil person. You appreciate friends who get along with one another. You share hobbies with friends and like trying to fit into their routines.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

Router Problems

Hey guys just waned to let ya know if you don't see me online for the next few days its cause my router is broken. So don't panic... speak you all soon.

Sheffield Meet

Well I really enjoyed the Saturday of Sheffield meet, had to work Sunday so couldn't join in. Got into Sheffield train station at about 11ish after Badgerguy picked me up in his car. Hung around at the station waiting for everyone to appear, saw a few new faces I didn't recognize. At around 12ish we headed off to the Dev Cat... well I got a lift with Badgerguy, but when got to car park almost had to walk back right into town to rescue some furs that had got lost on their way to the pub. When got to pub handed my cookies out that I made the night before. I think they went down well had none left by about 5pm. I had naked burger and chips for lunch, didn't drink much. Glade I got to hang around with some fur I haven't seen in a few years. Was great to see you again FoxB and Orona... *hugs to you guys*... After a few hours FoxB and Wolfpaw suited up... got some photos of them too...
( which can be seen here....)
The the rain started again so we head back to the pub... then a few of us headed to Nandos and a few headed to another local cocktail bar.. I had bottomless yogurt and drink at Nandos... After this we headed back and met up with the others.. Then about 10 of us ended up heading to Sil's for the evening... We ended up playing Singstar and watching Lilly Savage ( well almost watched Lilly Savage, but was to busy talking about stuff... and if you were there , you knew what we ended talking about and doing ). At about 12 midnight me , Badgerguy and Nutsy headed back home, we dropped Nutsy off atta the Holiday Inn...Then me and Badgerguy headed back to mine for the night, watched Dr Who.. The infinite quest cartoon then headed to bed.... Woke up this morning and Badgerguy dropped me off atta work....

Cooking Mood

Well Ive been in a baking mood lately and after a friend on the states suggested something to me, ive been on a fad with this particular baking item.... Any of you lucky enough to be at the Sheffield meet this weekend will get to try some of it :) Hope you all like...

Daemon thingy

Yeah I have to agree this was cool , do you guys think I am what is below?


Yay great I was just reminded of Lenore the little dead girl and found a link for her :)

here it is http://www.nightrose.com/lenore.htm

Cons and events

    Well thats it this year I'm gonna be heading to RBW, which Ive just paid for and MFF once Ive registered and paid :)

Serious Post

Well I thought it was about time I made a serious post, telling everyone how I feel and stuff. First I'll start by send out apologies to anyone I've ever been a jurk too, If I have ignored you. It may have been delibrate, but only for reasons that I have thought to myself. Anyone I've ever gone too far with, please tell me and I'll try to make it up to you. Not that Ive been speaking to many people much lately, just felt like having some alone time. I've kinda felt like an outsider,but that may just be how I feel. Id like to thank all those out there though that have listened to me lately, bursting my true feeling out to them. Yeah I know i've recently posted the Crush Meme myself, but I know I can confess to crushing on a few people myself, and maybe trying to run before I can walk.

I think most of my problems have been since I broke up with Rab/Ssithl about over 2 years ago now, dont really ever think I've ever really sat down and had a moment to myself, without loads of other thoughts going through my mind. Even guys I've really liked I've ended up compairing them to how Rab/Ssithl used to be.

I think its about time I started a fresh and stuff, get to know people more for what they are. Please just accept that from now on I will be honest with you guys, even if it sounds not very nice, i'm only expressing my true feelings.


Okies I couldnt resist, seeing everyone else asking about Crushes, I thought Id see who had one of me

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